NaCTeM Service Systems

If one of the services does not appear to be working, please check our Service Status and scheduled maintenance page before contacing us to report an error.

Other Services

    An intelligent search engine, retrieving biomedical events from Medline. Medie is based on the analysis of Enju which performs deep parsing of biomedical text.
  • Info-Pubmed
    Helps biologists to understand complex networks of protein-protein interactions. It lists the proteins which interact with a given protein. It uses a dictionary with 200,000 gene/protein names and deep-parse results of all sentences in Medline [user guide] - Firefox required

Help using NaCTeM services


If you have used TerMine or AcroMine, please complete a questionnaire to tell us how useful you found the service. Your feedback is important as it helps us to improve our services to better meet the needs of the community.