Event Mine Demonstrator

In order to use this service, an API key is required. Plase note that we are no longer providing keys.

Web Demo

This demo is limited to 100 uses per day. If you experience an error indicating that the usage is exceeded, please try again tomorrow.

Text to Process:

REST Service

The EventMine demonstrator exposes a REST interface. This is available on the following URLs, depending on which Model you would like to access:

EPI Model
ID Model
Multi-Event Model
MetaKnowledge Model

There are two different ways in which data can then be passed to the service, as detailed below. In both cases the response is a text/plain a2 formatted file.

GET Request

Query Parameters:

  • key: You API Key
  • text: The text to process

POST Request

Query Parameters:

  • key: You API Key

Message Body: text/plain - this is the text to process