Text Mining Resources

External Publications

Publications from The National Centre for Text Mining can be found under Publications in the Research section.

A categorised repository of publications in the field of biomedical text mining
A collection of resources and links to resources about natural language processing, particularly its use in information extraction from biomedical text
Research papers and tutorials relating to text mining in biomedical literature.
ACL Anthology
A digital archive of research papers in Computational Linguistics published in major conferences including ACL, COLING, HLT etc.
Text Mining Briefing Paper
A JISC Briefing Paper produced by The National Centre for Text Mining (NaCTeM) explaining what text mining can do and how it works.
A very comprehensive collection of text mining resources, including links to publications, commercial suppliers, news items, research groups, events, etc
Weiguo (Patrick) Fan's Text Mining Page
A list of links to text-mining publications, projects, publications, etc.
Text Mining for Biology and Biomedicine
The first focused book that puts the full range of cutting-edge biological text mining techniques and tools at your command.
The Text Mining Handbook
Advanced Approaches in Analyzing Unstructured Data — a book by Ronen Feldman and James Sanger.
Text Mining and its Applications to Intelligence, CRM and Knowledge Management
This book provides an introduction to the types of problems encountered and current available text mining solutions.
Introduction to Computational Genomics
This book provides a roadmap to navigate entry to this field, guiding the reader through key achievements of bioinformatics.
Handbook of Natural Language Processing, Second Edition
This book presents practical tools and techniques for implementing natural language processing in computer systems. The second edition updates every chapter and expands the content to include emerging areas, such as sentiment analysis.