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The current available categories:
  • DIAG_PROC, THERAPEUTIC_PROC, (diagnostic/therapeutic procedure, e.g. MRI, "cerebral blood flow")
  • GENERAL_PHENOM, HUMAN_PHENOM, NATURAL_PHENOM, (Medical phenomenon or process, e.g. "UV radiation" )
  • INDICATOR (Reagent or diagnostic aid, e.g. "hydrogen peroxide", "sulfhydryl reagent")
  • ACRONYM, AUTHOR, PUBLICATIONTYPE (e.g. "Journal Article", "Technical Report")
More details about query syntax is described here.

Sample queries include:
Note: Categories (e.g. PROTEIN, AUTHOR) and boolean parameters
(e.g. AND, OR, NOT) should be uppercase.
Or, invoke Smart Dictionary Lookup to find uniprotIDs with the queries:

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Kleio is one of the latest innovations coming out of the UK National Text Mining Centre (NaCTeM) and provides advanced searching facilities across the ever growing MEDLINE® collection, the world's most comprehensive source of life sciences and biomedical bibliographic information. By combining a selection of our software services we can provide enhanced results through a process that identifies key entities within the text, such as gene names or proteins, and improves the querying method with unique identifiers by automatically including synonyms, spelling variants and even disambiguating acronyms. This combines with the traditional features found in other interfaces to provide a much needed solution to the growing problem of finding valuable information within the ever increasing volume of modern publications.

Kleio has been developed by NaCTeM to support the needs of the UK academic community. As such we will continue to develop and extend the available functionality according to your requests and the challenges facing our users. Why not help us to improve this tool. You can provide us feedback on your experience using Kleio for future extension.

Friday 24th August 2007 - Kleio site opens for alpha testing
We are proud to announce the Kleio tool is now open for user testing. We advise users that during this period we will continue to iron out any bugs that you can identify but will try to ensure as much uptime during this process.

Monday 20th August 2007 - Kleio enhanced by TM tools
The Kleio system has now been updated to include the results of acronym mining and named entity recognition for proteins and gene names. This will now allows users to search for entities by acronym, full form or accession number and get the results based upon a fully expanded search to include all other forms identifying the chosen entity.

Kleio was developed by NaCTeM at the Manchester Interdisciplinary Biocentre, part of the University of Manchester, UK.