New Service: MEDIE: Enhanced semantic retrieval of relations and events


A new version of the MEDIE intelligent search engine is now available. MEDIE retrieves biomedical relations and events from MEDLINE, based on deep analysis using the Enju parser and semantic search with biomedical entities, such as genes and diseases. This deep analysis allows MEDIE to extract relations from abstracts, compensating for variability in word choice and word order.

The user specifies relations to find, such as: "What activates p53?" or "What does dystrophin trigger?"

Further features of MEDIE include:

  • Searching the most up-to-date abstracts: the system is updated daily to include new abstracts added to MEDLINE.
  • Searching for relations in specific sections of the abstract, such as title, objective, method, result, or conclusion.
  • Optional use of ontology terms in the search.
  • Optional specification of journal and/or author names to narrow the search.

For further details regarding the automatic sectioning of abstracts, please see:

Hirohata, Kenji, Naoaki Okazaki, Sophia Ananiadou and Mitsuru Ishizuka (2008) Identifying Sections in Scientific Abstracts using Conditional Random Fields. Proceedings of 3rd International Joint Conference on Natural Language Processing. Hyderabad, India, January 2008

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