e-Petition to support the full implementation of the Hargreaves review proposals


If you are a UK citizen or UK resident, we urge you to sign an e-Petition calling for implementation of the recommendations of the Hargreaves Review of IP and Growth.

Responsible department: Department for Business, Innovation and Skills

Intellectual Property law in the UK is outdated and badly in need of reform. The recent review by Professor Ian Hargreaves represents a welcome step forward towards an Intellectual Property regime which is suited to the needs of 21st century business and consumers. This petition calls on the government to implement Professor Hargreaves' proposals in full, and to make reform of Intellectual Property law a legislative priority.

Implementation would allow text mining to be considered as a permitted act under UK law (i.e. there would be no need to negotiate with publishers).

Other relevant links:

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Letter to Daily Telegraph signed by various VCs, funders, Directors of centres and networks, UUK, libraries, etc., calling for implementation of proposals (scroll down to see the letter, headed "Intellectual Property")

Government response accepting the proposals

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