Jun'ichi Tsujii




Department of Computer Science, University of Tokyo,


Professor of  Text Mining

School of Computer Science, University of Manchester,  UK

Scientific Director

National Center for Text Mining (NacTeM), Manchester, UK


PhD, Kyoto University(1978)


Grammar Formalisms, Multi-Lingual NLP, Information Extraction and Exploitation, Language Acquisition, Text Mining for Biology


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Professional Bodies

ICCL(Permanent Member), ACL(Vice-President:2005, President:2006), ANLP(Advisory Board), AAMT(President: 2000-2005, Board Member1996-),  IAMT(President: 2003\-2005, Board Member: 1995-), AFNLP (Vice President:2004-2007, President: 2008)


Department of Computer Science,
Faculty of Information Science and Technology,
University of Tokyo,
7-3-1 Hongo, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, 113-0033, JAPAN
   office: Room 215, 7th Building of Faculty of Science
   Tel:  +81/0 3 5841 4098
   Fax: +81/0 3 5802 8872

Pen Picture

I am Professor of Computational Linguistics and Natural Language Processing of the University of Tokyo and Professor of Text Mining of the University of Manchester, UK.
   My first degree, from Kyoto University, was in Electronics and I have an MSc and a PhD from Department of Electrical Engineering, Kyoto University. I was Associate Professor of Kyoto University from 1979 to 1988 with a break at CNRS Grenoble, France as invited senior researcher in 1981-1982. Before taking up the position at the University of Tokyo, I was Professor of Computational Linguistics of University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology (UMIST) in the UK from 1988 to 1995, where I kept the position of Research Professor until 2001. At July 2005 I was appointed Director of National Center for Text Mining (NacTeM)
@of the UK in Manchester, as well as Professor of the University of Manchester.  Since 2008, I am Scientific Director of the centre. I have also been Advisory Professor of Beijing University of Post and Telecommunication (BUPT), China since May, 2005.

I have been a permanent member of International Committee of Computational Linguistics (ICCL) from 1994.@I was Vice-President (2005) and President (2006) of ACL (Association for Computational Linguistics), and President (2008) of AFNLP (Asian Federation of Natural Language Processing).

I was awarded IBM Science Award in 1988, SEYMF Visiting professorship in 2000, Daiwa-Adrian Prize for the project jointly carried out by Dr.S.Ananiadou (University of Manchester, UK) in 2004, IBM Faculty Award in 2005, and Achievement Award (Japan Society of Artificial Intelligence) in 2008.

Research Interests

While language can be studied from various points of view and by diverse methods, I am interested in formalizing human language by using the concept of computation that has emerged in computer science since the mid of the 20th century, and in combining the formalization with other mathematical models of language, in particular, statistical language models. I am also being involved in applying such theoretical models of language to practical application such as Information Extraction from texts, Intelligent Information Exploitation in Web, and Text Mining for Biology, Multilingual Information Exploitation, and Machine Translation.
    After the JSPS project (1995-2000) focused on grammar formalisms and parsing completed, our research team is now involved in several projects such as GENIA (Text Mining for Biology), aNT (Advanced Natural Language Processing and Text Mining) , and U-Compare (UIMA-based NLP toolkits). These projects are to show viability of theoretically sound grammar formalisms and NLP frameworks in practical application.

Recent Events (Past 12 months)

  --- My lab organized T-FaNT 2, which attracted 100 participants [February, 2008]
--- I attended a workshop at KAIST organized jointly by KAIST and MSRA, where I gave an invited talk [February, 2008]
--- I gave an invited talk on Text Mining at ICSM at Manchester [March, 2008]
--- I attended LREC which took place at Marrakech. A workshop of Cocosda/WRITE was held after LREC, in which I gave an invited talk [May, 2008]
--- I was invited by Malaysian government program of gDistinguished Scientist Visith and stayed in Malaysia for two weeks. I gave talks at several universities such as USM, MMU, etc. [June, 2008]
--- I gave a tutorial on Text Mining at ISMB at Toronto [July, 2008]
--- Coling 2008 was at Manchester. A workshop of GEAF took place after Coling and I gave a keynote speech [August, 2008]
--- I attended Ph. D defense of Sampo Pyysal as official opponent at Turku University, Finland [September, 2008]
--- NECTEC at Thailand invited me to join their international advisory board and I gave a keynote speech at their NECTEC-ACE conference [September, 2008]
--- I attended an Elixir meeting at Cambridge [November, 2008]
--- I coordinated a workshop organized by the University of Tokyo and MSRA. I gave an invited talk and participated in a panel [December, 2008]

Future Events

I will give an invited talk at a FlareNet workshop at Vienna [February, 2009]
I am invited to visit CNGL at Dublin as an external assessor of their activity [March, 2009]
Our lab organizes a competition of gevent recognitionh at BioNLP, which takes place as part of the BioNLP workshop of NAACL/HLT at Colorado [May, June, 2009] 
  --- I am invited to give a talk at ALATA in Paris [June, 2009]
  --- Academia Sinica (Taipei) invites me to participate in their 2009 Program Reviews of the Research Institutes and Centers in the Division of Mathematics and Physical Sciences [July, 2008]
  --- The AFNLP organizes ACL-IJCNLP conference at Singapore jointly with ACL. I am also a member of organizers of GEAF, which takes place as a workshop [August, 2009]

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