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Members of our laboratory took a major role in the conferences and workshops listed below.

June 5, 2009
BioNLP'09 Shared Task on Event Extraction was organized based on the GENIA event-annotated corpus. Among the 42 teams who registered to participate, 24 teams submitted their final results. The workshop to discuss the achievements from the event was held in UColorado in conjunction with BioNLP NAACL-HLT 2009 workshop.
Feb 12-13, 2008
T-Fant 2, the theme of which is "Machine Learning and Natural language Processing", takes place on Feb 12 and 13. The program is available at here. Nine speakers, with four speakers of our lab, are invited to give talks.
March 11-13, 2007
The forum is organized by aNT (advanced NLP and Text Mining) to present the research results of the first year and exchange ideas with on-going projects outside.
May 31-June 1, 2006
The workshop is organized in every 18 months alternately in Japan and Germany. Prof.Tsujii is coordinator of the Japanese side. The workshop was at Univ. of Tokyo this time.
March 20-21, 2006
We invited researchers in Information Technology who had been successfully applying their research results to life science and those in biomedical fields who have been developing new Information-based approaches in biomedical fields. We are pleased to say that the aim of the workshop, i.e. bringing together researchers from different areas allowing exchange of ideas was successfully achieved and that we enjoyed alive and constructive discussion at the workshop. This workshop took place in Manchester, UK and attracted 25 participants.
MT Summit X
September 12-16, 2005
The first MT Summit was held at Hakone, Japan, in 1987. Since then, the conference takes place every two years and the three regions, Europe, America and the Asia-Pacific region, host it in rotation. The 10th Summit was organized at Phuket, Thailand and attracted 250 participants from all over the world. Prof.Tsujii was the conference chair as president of IAMT (International Association of Machine Translation).
March 22-24, 2004
IJCNLP is an international conferance on NLP in Asia. This conference will be organized in Hainan island, China.
IJCNLP 2004 Workshop "Beyond shallow analyses - Formalisms and statistical modeling for deep analyses"
March 21, 2004
This workshop will be organized by CREST with IJCNLP 2004. Prof.Tsujii will be a chair of the workshop.
ACL 2003
July 7-12, 2003
International ACL conference is one of the two major international conferences in the field (the other one is Coling). ACL03 took place in Sapporo and Prof.Tsujii was the general chair of the conference. It successfully attracted 360 paper submissions and around 650 participants, the largest conference ever held in our field (NLP and CL) in Asia.
ACL 2003 Workshop on Natural Language Processing in Biomedicine
July 11, 2003
This workshop took place as an official workshop of ACL03 and attracted 50 participants. This is a sequel of the workshop on "Natural Language Processing and Ontology Building in Biology" the laboratory organized in 2002.
Japanese-German Workshop on Natural Language Processing
July 4-5, 2003
The workshop is organized in every 18 months alternately in Japan and Germany. Prof.Tsujii is coordinator of the Japanese side. The workshop was at Sapporo just before ACL03.
Workshop on Natural Language Processing and Ontology Building in Biology
February 18-20, 2002
The two projects, Genome Information Science Project and Information Mobility Project, jointly organized the WS. 17 researchers were invited from abroad with around 35 participants from Japan. This WS opened a new interdisciplinary field of NLP in Bioinformatics.