3rd Best Paper Award at CICLing 2011 (Feb, 2011) Daniel Andrade


Best Paper Award for Young Researcher at the 72th National Convention of Information Processing Society of Japan (17 June, 2010) Naoaki Okazaki
Medal of Honor with Purple Ribbon (10 May, 2010) Professor Jun'ichi Tsujii


Honorable Mention, at the 3rd International Symposium on Languages in Biology and Medicine (LBM) 2009 (13 Nov, 2009) 三輪誠 : Event Extraction with Complex Event Classification using Rich Features
Microsoft Research Asia Fellowship 2009 (8 Oct, 2009) 羽鳥潤
山下記念研究賞 (20 August, 2009) 岡野原大輔 : 全ての部分文字列を考慮した文書分類
言語処理学会第15回年次大会 優秀発表賞 (March, 2009) 岡野原大輔 : ロジスティク回帰モデルを用いたラベル付文書クラスタリング
言語処理学会第15回年次大会 優秀発表賞 (March, 2009) 松林優一郎 : 自動意味役割付与のための役割集合の設計
IBM Ph.D. Scholarship (8 May, 2009) Daniel Andrade Silva : IBM Ph.D. Scholarship by IBM Watson Research Center
Microsoft奨学寄付金 (July, 2009) 松崎拓也・呉先超 : Semantics-Based Reordering


IBM Unstructured Information Analytics (UIMA) Innovation Awards (November, 2008) 狩野芳伸
Microsoft奨学寄付金 (June, 2008) Kun Yu : Natural Language Processing "Mining Large Scale Bilingual Dictionary from Wikipedia"
Microsoft奨学寄付金 (June, 2008) 岡崎直観 : Natural Language Processing "Aspect-based Summarization for Web Search Results"
Best Paper Award, at the First International Conference on Global Interoperability for Language Resources (ICGL'08), Hong Kong (Jan, 2008) Sagae, K., Y. Miyao, T. Matsuzaki, J. Tsujii : Challenges in Mapping of Syntactic Representations for Framework-Independent Parser Evaluation.


東京大学総長賞 (March, 2007) 岡野原大輔 : 機械学習による言語処理に関する研究
人工知能学会業績賞(JSAI Achievement Award) (2007) 辻井潤一