BioNLP'09 Shared Task on Event Extraction
in conjunction with BioNLP, a NAACL-HLT 2009 workshop, June 4-5 2009, Boulder, Colorado

Call For Papers

Special issue of the International Journal of Computational Intelligence
on Extracting Bio-molecular Events from Literature

We announce that there will be a special issue of Computational Intelligence (CI) on "Extracting Bio-molecular Events from Literature."

CI is a leading international journal on artificial intelligence (AI): (impact factor 3.31).

We extend the invitation to contributions from those who did not participate or participated but did not finish the BioNLP'09 Shared Task as well as those who submitted their papers to the shared task workshop.

For the detail of the BioNLP'09 Shared Task, please refer to the homepage:

Each submission will be reviewed by 3 reviewers, and we expect that between 6 and 8 papers will be selected to be included in the special issue based on the reviews.

In preparation of your manuscript, please follow the author guidelines of CI:

Using the Wiley-Blackwell Author Guidelines, a typical submission would be between 14-22 pages.


* Submission will be closed at 23:59 PM Pacific Time on 20th, August.


The authors should submit their papers to Manuscript Central, noting on the first page of the paper, and the cover letter: (a) the names of the guest editors, (b) name of conference or workshop of the initial publication (if applicable), and (c) the title of the special issue ("Extracting bio-molecular events from literature").

Manuscript Central:


  1. Please use the LaTeX template downloadable at
  2. Please use the referee option. It will render the paper suitable for the submission: double spaced, figures and tables on separate pages, etc.
  3. The guideline of 14-22 pages should be calculated on the paper created without the referee option.

* If you encounter error messages with the option, here are some reported solutions.

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