Text Mining: Unlocking Research for Clinical Innovation

Venue: University Place, University of Manchester
Dates: 22nd October 2009
Audience: Clinical researchers and related-administrative staff
Aim: To increase awareness of the benefits of text mining across the University and its associated partners.
Organiser: Sophia Ananiadou (NaCTeM)

Programme of talks

14:00Text Mining for Health Care and MedicineProf Sophia Ananiadou
14.20Manchester Academic Health Science CentreSam Ryder
14:40The Manchester Biomedical Research Centre & Text Mining Links : Potential OpportunitiesProf Paul Bishop
15.00Text Mining for Biomedical Discovery: Present and FutureDr Phil Day


KLEIOKLEIO offers a more convenient and intuitive tool for browsing document repositories by using textual and metadata search. It integrates various text mining components to offer textual and metadata search and enhanced functionality in terms of acronym expansion and interactive ranking.
FACTAFACTA is a tool that helps discover associations between biomedical concepts contained in MEDLINE articles. It allows the user to provide a flexible query (e.g. keywords or Boolean combinations of concepts) and retrieves the documents that match and the associations between the query term and concepts in a highly interactive manner.
MEDIEThe MEDIE is an intelligent search engine for finding biological events from MEDLINE and discovering interactions between biomedical entities. The service uses advanced natural language processing technologies and a novel search engine for the accurate retrieval of concepts. It identifies sentence level biological relationships and map relevant facts to queries presented by the user