NaCTeM Services

  • TerMine– Term management system
  • AcroMine – Find distinct expanded forms of acronyms from Medline.
  • AcroMine Disambiguator – Disambiguate abbreviations in text with their correct full forms.
  • FACTA+ – a MEDLINE search engine for finding associations between biomedical concepts.
  • FACTA+ Visualizer – helps intuitive understanding of FACTA+ search results through graphical visualization of the search results.
  • Kleio  – an advanced information retrieval system providing knowledge enriched searching for biomedicine.
  • Clinical Trial Protocols (ASCOT) – An efficient search application customised for clinical trials.
  • EUPMC Evidence Finder – Searching for facts in full text articles.
  • EUPMC Evidence Finder for Anatomical entities with meta-knowledge – Searching for facts relating to anatomical entities in full text articles. Facts can be filtered according to various aspects of their interpretation (e.g., negation, certainly level, novelty)
  • History of Medicine (HOM) – A semantic search system over historical medical archives
  • MEDIE – An intelligent search engine, retrieving biomedical events from Medline