Past Projects

Mining Biodiversity

The Mining Biodiversity project aims to transform the Biodiversity Heritage Library (BHL) into a next-generation social digital library resource to facilitate the study and discussion (via social media integration) of legacy science documents on biodiversity by a worldwide community and to raise awareness of the changes in biodiversity over time in the general public. The project integrates novel text mining (TM) methods, visualisation, crowdsourcing and social media into the BHL. The resulting digital resource will provide fully interlinked and indexed access to the full content of BHL library documents, via semantically enhanced and interactive browsing and searching capabilities, allowing users to locate precisely the information of interest to them in
an easy and efficient manner.

By promoting the development of capabilities that will foster collaboration amongst researchers from the fields of History of Science, Environmental History, Environmental Studies, Library and Information Science and Social Media, the proposed project will make a significant impact on the above disciplines by:

  • enriching a large-scale library, i.e., the BHL, via innovative application of text mining techniques to produce semantic metadata and a term inventory,
  • providing improved access to biodiversity-related digital artifacts via an enhanced search engine and visualisation of results, and
  • stimulating increased collaboration, interaction and sharing of information amongst BHL users via the social media environment.

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