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Doxepin, a tricyclic antidepressant, binds to normal, intact astroglial cells in cultures and inhibits the isoproterenol-induced increase in cyclic AMP production.
Doxepin binds to intact astrocytes in primary cultures. The binding is competitively displaceable by excess cold doxepin and it is pronounced (Bmax = 27 nmol/mg protein) but the affinity is rather low (KD = 30 microM). ...
PMID:6263430 Can. J. Physiol. Pharmacol. 1980 Dec 1

Comparison of cinnarizine, cyproheptadine, doxepin, and hydroxyzine in treatment of idiopathic cold urticaria: usefulness of doxepin.
Randomized double-blind trials using doxepin and several conventional antihistamines were carried out for treatment of patients with idiopathic cold urticaria. ... Doxepin effectively suppressed the wheal and itching responses and shortened the duration of the wheal response in the ice cube test in all patients with cold urticaria who were studied.
PMID:6480953 J. Am. Acad. Dermatol. 1984 Sep 1

Effects of H1- and H2-antihistamines on platelet-activating factor and bradykinin-induced inflammatory responses in human skin.
... Doxepin significantly reduced both weal and flare responses to PAF (mean reduction 43 and 68%, respectively, at higher doses of PAF). ... Based on the treatment of cold urticaria it has been suggested that doxepin, which has known H1- and H2-antagonistic effects, may in addition show specific anti-PAF activity. ...
PMID:8689766 Clin. Exp. Dermatol. 1996 Jan 1

[Cold-induced urticaria].
Cold urticaria is characterized by the development of urticaria, usually superficial and/or angioedematous reaction after cold contact. ... Patients with a negative ice cube test may have represented systemic cold urticaria (atypical acquired cold urticaria) induced by general body cooling. ... It is essential that the patient be warned of the dangers of swimming in cold water because systemic hypotension can occur. H1 antihistamines can be used for treatment of cold urticaria but the clinical responses are highly variable. ... Doxepin may be useful in the treatment. ... In patients who do not respond to previous treatments, induction of cold tolerance may be tried.
PMID:12389450 Allerg Immunol (Paris) 2002 Oct 23

[Pruritus without skin manifestation--what kind of state of the art nursing intervention?].
... Treatment suggestions from the studies: to assess the causes and exacerbating factors of pruritus; to wash the skin with water only, e.g. without soap; to emulsify the skin with Vaseline or oil at least once daily; to prevent too much heat by covering the patient just enough for him or her to feel no cold; prescribing Atarax, a histamin inhibitor of the first generation at night time; to try the antidepressant drug Doxepin; and emulsification with alcohol, menthol and cool water. ...
PMID:14619217 Pflege 2003 Nov 19