Call for Papers

We invite papers reporting on biomedical resources specifically used to facilitate biomedical text mining and the process of designing, building, updating, delivering and evaluating them. The goals of the workshop are on lexical and knowledge repositories such as terminologies, ontologies, controlled vocabularies, factual databases, annotated corpora, but also on design guidelines, standards for building resources, storage and exchange formats and interoperability of resources.

Topics of interest include but are not limited to:

  • Building biomedical resources: controlled vocabularies, terminologies, ontologies, corpora
  • Guidelines and annotation schemas, challenges, interoperability
  • Reengineering existing biomedical or general language resources
  • Update and evolution of resources
  • Interoperability of resources and standards
  • Lightly annotated and noisy resources
  • Tools for exploration of resources
  • Data exchange formats
  • Evaluation of resources / evaluation metrics