Amis - A maximum entropy estimator for feature forests

Jun. 23th, 2006
Kazuhiro Yoshida
Department of Computer Science, University of Tokyo
kyoshida AT

Amis is a parameter estimator for maximum entropy models [1]. Given a set of events as training data, the program outputs parameters that optimize the likelihood of the training data.


  • amis-4.0.tar.gz

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    Quick Installation

    Unpack the package, run "configure", and "make install".
    % tar xvzf amis-x.y.z.tar.gz
    % cd amis-x.y.z
    % ./configure
    % make install

    This procedure installs "/usr/local/bin/amis" (you must have an access to "/usr/local/bin/"). If you want to install it in another directory, see Amis manual.



    [1] Adam L. Berger, Stephen A. Della Pietra and Vincent J. Della Pietra. A maximum entropy approach to natural language processing. Computational Linguistics, 22(1):39-71, 1996.

    Tsujii lab. Dept. Information Science University of Tokyo
    Kazuhiro Yoshida(kyoshida AT